Twitter Chess Tournament II – Round 2

While I have generally felt well prepared against 1.e4, I have tried many different things against 1.d4 and always felt a bit unsatisfied. A short time ago Chessable released their Nimzo Indian/Ragozin repertoire and I bought it because it seemed to offer what I was looking for in an answer to 1.d4. I thought my second round game might be a good time to try out what I’d gotten through so far. I ended up deviating from the repertoire early in the opening, but still got a familiar position.

White had some opportunities to get some advantage, but missed it and I was able to get into a potentially good looking endgame. As it turns out the rook endgame is a pretty interesting study in the many drawing resources of a rook endgame. I couldn’t actually find a clear win for Black, only opportunities for White to escape with draws. With time dwindling, my opponent made a grievous mistake which allowed me to win the ending without much trouble.

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