Twitter Chess Tournament II – Round 1

At the beginning of 2019, one of the chess enthusiasts I follow on Twitter took the initiative to start a tournament between the growing community of adult improvers. It was a success and a lot of fun so when the opportunity came up to play in Twitter Chess Tournament II, I couldn’t resist. The games are played on lichess with a time control of 30 min + 15 sec (though it is flexible to accommodate player’s schedules) and a rate of one round every two weeks so there is plenty of time to schedule your game.

Here’s my first round game which was a win after my opponent made a misstep in the opening which cost him a piece and then I was able to find a checkmate to bring the game to a close.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Chess Tournament II – Round 1”

    1. Thanks for asking! 1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7 3.Nc3 c5 are the starting moves when White can play either 4.dxc5 or 4.d5 (4.d4 is a type-o which I’ll correct here shortly).

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