Twitter Blitz Tournament

Despite trying to enforce a no blitz policy in favor of more study and longer games with analysis, I found myself participating in one of the Twitter chess community’s blitz tournaments this past weekend. I joined late because I was finishing some adult duties, but still managed to get in 5 games of 5 minute blitz. I briefly annotated them so enjoy…

In my first game I got paired with Twitter user @wmiltti. We’ve played a few games before and he’s a tough opponent so I knew I was in for a fight.

After narrowly missing a win in my first game I was ready to get some points in my second. I faced Twitter user @Geo_Physical whom I’ve never played before, but will have to play soon in the Twitter Chess Tournament II so it was a bonus to get a feel for how he plays (even though that tournament is rapid and not blitz).

My third game found me playing another strong opponent, Twitter user @ChessBlackWhite. I’ve not had the pleasure of playing him yet, but knew him to be a strong player. I made some questionable decisions in the opening, but kept playing and managed to get a draw after both of us missed some opportunities.

My fourth game found me facing Twitter user @bgolz. I got to play a proper Alekhine Defense this time, but made an ill-timed move that gave White a substantial advantage. I was able to cause some problems for him which netted me some material and I was able to go on to win.

Game five saw me paired against Twitter user @saychess1 who I’ve had the opportunity to play a few times. He’s a tough opponent and after I goofed in the opening (again…seems to be a theme in several of these blitz games) I was fortunate to be able to recover and then found a checkmate when my opponent overlooked it.

Overall a fun way to spend some time during a Saturday afternoon. While my blitz play left a little something to be desired, I wasn’t playing too badly to have some fun. My blitz rating also climbed back over 1900 as a result of this tournament so…thanks fellas for the rating points!

You can follow more of the Twitter Chess action by checking out the hashtags #TwitterChessTournament, #TwitterBlitzTournament, and #chesspunks on Twitter. Also follow @TvvitterChessTournament and check back for some annotated games from this event.

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