Twitter Chess Tournament – Playoffs Begin

Back in October play began in the Twitter Chess Tournament II. I managed to finish first in my group and move on to the playoff rounds. The format for the playoffs is a two game match (G/35 min + 15 sec increment) against one of the top two finishers of another group. If things are tied after two games, then the players move to two games of G/10 min, if things are still tied, then they move to blitz and finally Armageddon games (where Black has a minute less than White, but if the game ends in a draw then Black wins). In my first match-up I faced a strong opponent (Twitter user @wmiltti) whom I beat once in a practice game and have come close to beating a few other times. One of the good things about this tournament is that you know who you will be facing and, because we all play on lichess, we have access to the other players’ games. This means you can do some prep work and I took advantage of that for my playoff match-up.

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