ChessDojo Round Robin – Rd 2

During this whole COVID-19 mess I made the decision to change up some openings and while it’s going pretty well I’m not sure that I’d be ready to venture them in an OTB game. The ChessDojo Round Robin Tournament felt like a good place to try out my new 1.d4 repertoire at OTB time controls though. Round 2 was the first round I had white and the opening didn’t go as well as it should have, but I managed to get a good position and find a way to decide the game in an entertaining way.

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ChessDojo Round Robin – Rd 1

My plan for 2020 was to play at least one tournament a month. Then along came COVID-19 and trashed any plans for serious OTB play for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, chess is a game well suited to play on the internet. I recently joined a group called ChessDojo on Discord which is an online community focused on chess improvement. I was able to join their recent round robin tournament with a time control of G/90+30 which is a really good time control for me. I feel like there is ample time to think without rushing so I should be able to work on undoing some of the bad habits too much blitz has instilled in me.

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