ChessDojo Round Robin – Rd 2

During this whole COVID-19 mess I made the decision to change up some openings and while it’s going pretty well I’m not sure that I’d be ready to venture them in an OTB game. The ChessDojo Round Robin Tournament felt like a good place to try out my new 1.d4 repertoire at OTB time controls though. Round 2 was the first round I had white and the opening didn’t go as well as it should have, but I managed to get a good position and find a way to decide the game in an entertaining way.

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ChessDojo Round Robin – Rd 1

My plan for 2020 was to play at least one tournament a month. Then along came COVID-19 and trashed any plans for serious OTB play for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, chess is a game well suited to play on the internet. I recently joined a group called ChessDojo on Discord which is an online community focused on chess improvement. I was able to join their recent round robin tournament with a time control of G/90+30 which is a really good time control for me. I feel like there is ample time to think without rushing so I should be able to work on undoing some of the bad habits too much blitz has instilled in me.

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Twitter Chess Tournament – Playoffs Begin

Back in October play began in the Twitter Chess Tournament II. I managed to finish first in my group and move on to the playoff rounds. The format for the playoffs is a two game match (G/35 min + 15 sec increment) against one of the top two finishers of another group. If things are tied after two games, then the players move to two games of G/10 min, if things are still tied, then they move to blitz and finally Armageddon games (where Black has a minute less than White, but if the game ends in a draw then Black wins). In my first match-up I faced a strong opponent (Twitter user @wmiltti) whom I beat once in a practice game and have come close to beating a few other times. One of the good things about this tournament is that you know who you will be facing and, because we all play on lichess, we have access to the other players’ games. This means you can do some prep work and I took advantage of that for my playoff match-up.

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Fighting Back

Fighting back in difficult or potentially losing positions is a difficult thing to do, but being mentally resilient is something that you have to cultivate in order to be a tough opponent. It’ll win some games that you should have lost and allow you to draw still more. So with that in mind, I play on in positions like the one I got in this game. I almost pulled it off too…

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Twitter Chess Tournament II – Round 2

While I have generally felt well prepared against 1.e4, I have tried many different things against 1.d4 and always felt a bit unsatisfied. A short time ago Chessable released their Nimzo Indian/Ragozin repertoire and I bought it because it seemed to offer what I was looking for in an answer to 1.d4. I thought my second round game might be a good time to try out what I’d gotten through so far. I ended up deviating from the repertoire early in the opening, but still got a familiar position.

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Twitter Chess Tournament II – Round 1

At the beginning of 2019, one of the chess enthusiasts I follow on Twitter took the initiative to start a tournament between the growing community of adult improvers. It was a success and a lot of fun so when the opportunity came up to play in Twitter Chess Tournament II, I couldn’t resist. The games are played on lichess with a time control of 30 min + 15 sec (though it is flexible to accommodate player’s schedules) and a rate of one round every two weeks so there is plenty of time to schedule your game.

Here’s my first round game which was a win after my opponent made a misstep in the opening which cost him a piece and then I was able to find a checkmate to bring the game to a close.

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Twitter Blitz Tournament

Despite trying to enforce a no blitz policy in favor of more study and longer games with analysis, I found myself participating in one of the Twitter chess community’s blitz tournaments this past weekend. I joined late because I was finishing some adult duties, but still managed to get in 5 games of 5 minute blitz. I briefly annotated them so enjoy…

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Why Chess?

I was first introduced to the game of chess when I was 6 years old. I found a chess set at my grandmother’s house one summer and convinced my uncle to show me how to play. As I recall, I wasn’t very good. A few years went by and when I was about 15 years old I became obsessed with the game. It started out as wanting to be able to beat the other kids at school, but soon became more than that.

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